Telehealth (video counseling)

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have made it possible to get counseling services from the comfort of your own home. The answer is telehealth counseling. Tele-health counseling is a completely confidential (HIPPA-compliant & encrypted) video counseling format. You simply call us for an appointment at 269-359-3269, then request telehealth counseling. On the day of your first appointment, we send you an e-mail with a link to click. Once you click the link, the video session will start. It's that easy!

Tele-health is not limited to the COVID-19 crisis. There are many good reasons to request telehealth counseling instead of in-person office sessions. For example, many individuals have an inflexible work schedule or live too far from our office for counseling to work for them. Other examples include parenting issues (i.e. child care), mobility issues, and severe social anxiety or panic attacks.

Whatever your reason, telehealth counseling may be a solution to your access issues to counseling services. If you are worried about cost, most insurance companies provide coverage for telehealth services. As a courtesy, we can check your insurance to make sure you are covered.